MERMIG is a powerful, Web based collaboration platform which serves as a common working space for modern organisations.
MERMIG was carefully designed to allow a community of users produce share and disseminate information, archive documents, organise interaction and meetings, structure business processes, etc. All is needed is an internet connection, a username and a password.

Information about MERMIG

The Powerfull Web Collaboration Platform

Latest News

Establishment and maintenance of an online resource database and documentation centre on PAR in Eastern Europe and the CIS
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS built a MERMIG based programming-oriented regional PAR network bringing together UNDP’s regional Public Administration Reform and Anti-Corruption as well as the network of Focal Points developed by the UNTC.
Implementation and Maintenance of a Collaboration System – CAMEO
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS deployed a MERMIG based e-collaboration application to satisfy the requirements of the European Union Military Staff (EUMS) for successfully conducting Crisis Management Operations.
The NYCE Project
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS deployed a MERMIG based e-collaboration application for the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union.
INNOVA - Collection, Analysis and Exploitation of Results Obtained from Ongoing Innovation Projects
EUROPEAN DYNAMICS has been awarded a contract by the Directorate General of Enterprise &Industry to design an effective online Collaboration platform and the derived Public Portal.